"Give Me 3 Months And I'll Give You A New Life"

6 Week Challenge

Join my in-person 6 week challenge!  This give you the opportunity to prove yourself!  If you lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks you will get another 6 weeks 100% free!  Lost another 20 pounds in 6 weeks and you will get another 6 weeks free.  The moment you don't have 20 pounds to lose we start going off body fat.  Are you ready for a challenge?
**Serious People Only

Train With Me 

Located in Covina, California
When you train with me you have access to:
-Customized workouts
-Customized nutrition
-100% accountability

Facebook Membership

Are you just looking for a workout regimen to follow?  A nutrition plan that will get you results?

With the Facebook membership as low as $9.97 a month.  You will have access to live video workouts 3x week with a chance to interact and ask questions.  Meal Plan, and accountability.